Sant Sri Alpa Ma (Alpa Furia)

Sant Sri Alpa Ma was born on the 25th of June, 1973 in Talwana in Kutch District in Gujarat State, India. When, she was in the 7th grade in school, her family shifted to Mumbai where she completed her education. At the age of 17 years, she met her spiritual master Satguru Sri Devendra Ghia (Kaka). With his teachings and guidance, began her spiritual path towards being one with God.

Her life is a perfect example of how to live in the world and carry on the path of karma (action) as well as bhakti (devotion). Her career was in the field of website designing and programming which she managed with brilliant perfection and was on the top of her field in her career. Her devotion to God and to her spiritual master was so deep and full of love, that it can only be identified through her hymns. The depth in the words of her hymns, her bhajans that she used to sing from her heart have fortunately been captured her in own beautiful voice and her own writing and are available for all on the website Her simplistic ways and the flexibility that she exhibited in the path of spiritualism were truly inspiring. She really showed that spirituality can be done with mischief, laughter and joy. Though discipline is required on the way to achieve God, it is not to be painful or rigid. Regular satsangs have helped many devotees to walk the correct path in their lives. Her vision, determination and spare no effort attitude has been an inspiration for other to do self-improvement.

She used to sing several hymns of Satguru Sri Devendra Ghia (Kaka) in the regular satsang sessions that used to take place on Saturdays in her office and the various tunes that she used to make impromptu were truly amazing. Her explanations to various devotees regarding several aspects of spirituality were practical and to the point that the meanings would just penetrate deep within.

Though she demonstrated several miracles in her life, she chose to live her life anonymously and simplistically. She would suffer the physical ailments of several people on her body while curing them of their illnesses in a nonchalant manner and would remain very casual about the whole experience. With Satguru Kaka, she had several out of body experiences and would travel through far off worlds and relate her experiences later on to a few devotees. Though, her mother-tongue was Gujarati, she used to write several hymns with urdu words which she had never learnt in her life. She has written about 5000 hymns in both Gujarati and Hindi and a book on her life experiences called as “The Stories of Great Experiences”.

She had a premonition of her short life and had predicted that when the work of publishing hymns of Satguru Sri Kaka would be over, her physical life would be over. And truly when she completed publishing 10,000 hymns of Satguru Sri Kaka (available on the website in February 2021, she departed from her mortal frame in April 2021. Just as she remained simplistic in her life, she departed from her body in a similar fashion. She spent her last few months of her life in the ashram of Sant Sri Sitaram Bapu in Gujarat. She had appeared in the dream of one of his devotee and informed him that she would be departing from her physical frame after 2 days and that is what exactly happened. She left her physical body on 30th April 2021 but she continues to be omnipresent and continues to uplift all those who are connected with her in their spiritual path.