MY DIVINE LOVE - Sant Sri Alpa Ma Bhajans
MY DIVINE LOVE - Sant Sri Alpa Ma Bhajans
Divine Experience with Sant Sri Alpa Ma
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On gurupoornima, Alpa Ma gives me sriphal
by Pragya (Meditation center Caretaker) on 20 Jul 2022
13th July 2022 was my first experience of guru poornima at the meditation center in Mumbai. Alpa Ma came in my dream on the day of guru poornima. I also saw Sitaram Bapu along with her. Alpa Ma was in a garden and she was digging the ground. She dug a big hole and removed two coconuts from the hole. She gave me one coconut (sriphal) and the second coconut to Falguni madam. I asked Alpa Ma what I was supposed to do with the coconut and she replied that Falguni madam would tell me. I immediately got up from the dream. It was such a joy to get sriphal from Alpa Ma on the day of guru poornima!