MY DIVINE LOVE - Sant Sri Alpa Ma Bhajans
MY DIVINE LOVE - Sant Sri Alpa Ma Bhajans
Divine Experience with Sant Sri Alpa Ma
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An Unforgettable Dream with Maa Alpa
by Siddh Singh (M.Sc Finance (U.S.A.)) on 12 Feb 2023
In January 2022, I had a dream where Maa Alpa visited me. My younger brother, parents, and I were also present in the dream. Upon seeing her, I immediately announced her arrival. Despite her stoic expression, I was overjoyed to see her. She took a seat on a chair and my parents offered her food to eat. I made eye contact with her, but she didn't react. As I continued to look at her, I heard the voice of Sitaram Bapu saying, "This is the father" ("Yeh to Pita hai" in Hindi).